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GUIDELINES: The ToolBoxHero community will continue to grow and evolve over time. To make it the BEST it can be, and to ensure everyone makes the most out of our shared space, we have a few guidelines…

General: * This is a POSITIVE, SAFE & SUPPORTIVE space. Be nice to each other, always act with mutual-respect, treat others how you’d like to be treated and all that!

* No self-promotion. Nobody likes Spam! You can certainly introduce yourself when you first comment, but let’s leave the rest of the feed free of any sales or self-promotions.

* In general: Just be cool!

Asking Questions:

* Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey. There are no stupid questions, BUT(!):

* The only BAD question is a lazy question. Always do some basic research BEFORE asking a question! If you could find the answer with a single google search, then be respectful of the communities’ time and do that instead

* To get the BEST responses, always give enough background information in your questions. What are you looking to achieve? What is your specific problem? What have you tried to fix it? Why do you think it may not be working? ie. I’m trying to get [OUTCOME] but am struggling with [PROBLEM]. I’ve tried [X], [Y] & [Z] but I still seem to get [PROBLEM]. Has anyone done this before or have any suggestions? Answering Questions or providing feedback:

Always be CONSTRUCTIVE. * General bashing of a company or a product will not be posted. If you have a problem with something be as specific as possible about the problem and what you tried to do to fix it. If providing feedback, why not start with something you liked before jumping into your suggestions for improvement? Many of us aren’t aware of what we’re doing wrong, but we equally don’t know just what we’re doing right – so let’s help on both fronts. IMPORTANT: Only page managers may approve comments. Your comments will not be posted to a page without a page manager reading and approving it.